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Technology improves our lives in countless ways – but not everyone has the same access to new technologies. As technologies evolve, those that are left behind find it increasingly hard to catch up. The challenge is to find ways for those who are the most disadvantaged within our community, to have the same chances and access to life opportunities as the rest. We are now a fully registered UK on line Centre able to help all our members get on line and learn about the internet.

IVO is committed to sharing the rich experience in community development with international communities.

We offer African Communities a Cultural platform to exchange ideas and issues of mutual concern. We are committed to providing holistic approaches to health, social care, unemployment and social exclusions issues affecting our target communities.

We operate through a number of independent consultants who are experts in their own fields. We have a wide range of resources and solutions that will enable you to reach your full potential and reach your As a team of experts we can give you years of valuable experience, expertise and support, to ensure both your charitable causes and private enterprises reach your maximum potential in growth and success.

Despite the funding cuts we continue to rely on our volunteers to deliver our services efficiently